Having worked in the hospitality industry since the age of 14 I have been privilege to have worked for highly reputable businesses and amazing venues. Having secured myself a good job running a restaurant and bar in a hotel I decided that my love for history was being neglected. Acting upon this I came across a Tour Guiding course which gives you the title ‘Blue Badge’ awarded by the Institute of Tourist Guides, feeling brave I took the plunge and left the hotel business and started learning again. The ‘blue badge’ course felt like running an assault course consecutively for 1 year. You learn things from Iron Age to modern times in great detail, the Savvy Saxons to Gorgeous Georgians. Architecture until it feels you have a flying buttress coming out of you just to support the knowledge. Gardens and Agriculture galore, I never knew there were so many varieties of grass and the gardens just simply stunning to admire – we can find those hidden gems for you.
So if you want to enjoy an area and create good times and lasting memories, well there is only one answer for it, hire yourself a Blue Badger, we are the Richard Osmans and Susy Denches of the real world. We find quaint little shops and cafes, in towns you didn’t know existed AND we don’t mind being invited to a pub quiz or two.